Devon Updegraff-Day 

As an AZ native and mother of three, my two school aged children attended a local Peoria public school up until the Covid-19 debacle. Since leaving the public school system my two boys have thrived academically.  At the time, I believed the games associated with COVID would be temporary, unfortunately they are not. As my kids continue to participate in normal school activities and sports I am saddened for those who have been kept out of the classroom based on ridiculous contact tracing and quarantine public health safety measures.  I made the choice to once again run for the Peoria school board because I believe every aspect of our public school system has failed. Together with Heather Rooks, I have sat down with the superintendent multiple times, met with both the curriculum and social emotional learning team and read through countless public record requests. My experience may not be in education but I have been a co-owner of a medical practice for 13 years now. I am very familiar with government bureaucracy, staff performance and accountability and most importantly, fiscal responsibility. There is no doubt in my mind that Heather Rooks and I will be the most knowledgeable school board candidates in PUSD's history.  



A.T. Still University- Doctorate in Health Sciences- July 2017- present


A.T. Still University - Master in Physician Assistant Studies 2006-2008


Goucher College — Baltimore MD- Bachelor Degree 1999-2003

Major: Sociology

Minor: Anthropology 


Work Experience 


Senator Jon Kyle’s office - 1 undergraduate summer

-internship, working the front desk and opening constituent mails at his Phoenix office 


Child Protective Services- Adolescent Department - Baltimore - spring semester 2008

-internship working with social workers  


House of Ruth - Baltimore - fall 2008

-internship working with children of victims of severe domestic violence who escaped their abuser and required shelter and support 


Allergy & Dermatology Specialist - August 2008 - Jan 2009

worked as physician assistant 


Updegraff Clinic for Allergy & Dermatology - Jan 2009- current 

51% owner and practicing Physician Assistant specializing in both dermatology and allergy 


Expert Witness in Dermatology-   2015

I provide expert witness on an as needed basis for dermatology cases against fellow physician assistants. 


Considine & Associates - 2016 

I work alongside Dr Updegraff to gather research and articles for evaluation of dermatology cases being disputed by the insurance company  

West Valley Parents Uniting 

-co founder of a rapidly growing parent group that has fought to get parents voices heard! 


Activities and Interest 


- enjoy spending time with my husband and my two boys Rylan (11) and Reid (8) and my daughter Sterling (3)

- spend my free time riding and training my two retired race horses Kamea and Poppy 

- I provide skin cancer educational lectures to the Sun City and Sun City West communities and offer free skin exams 

- Co-founder of West Valley Parents Uniting 


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Rep. Beverly Pingerelli 

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