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A Little About ME 

  •  Mother of 3 ( 2 boys, 1 girl)

  • Arizona native 

  • Graduated Goucher College 2003 - BA in Sociology 

  • Master degree in Health Science-Physician Assistant from A.T. Still University 

  • Currently working on a Doctorate degree in Health Science- with focus on Leadership from A.T. Still University 

  • Co-owner of a medical practice located in the west valley with 2 office locations


Why Your Vote Counts

Peoria is a rapidly growing city and it is important for our public schools to keep pace with the educational needs of the community. North and South Peoria schools are currently facing very different struggles. Whether it is the overcrowded schools in the north or outdated school facilities in the south, it is up to the governing board to create solutions that address the educational concerns of the entire district. 


     My 2 older children are currently thriving in a Peoria public school, so I want to apply my business management and leadership skills to improve school facilities that are in desperate need of renovations in South Peoria while also working to find solutions for growing class sizes and overcrowding in North Peoria. I believe it is up the governing board to find smart, creative and cost-effective ways to get the most out of taxpayer dollars. Solutions are formed through fiscal responsibility, not by solely relying on the taxpayers to pick up excess costs.

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  •  I am a strong advocate for parental rights!                                                                 

  • I believe teacher evaluations should be based on more than just standardized test results. Observation in the classroom, student/parent surveys and peer reviews should all be considered when evaluating a teacher’s performance. 

  • When a teacher is struggling to connect with their students or with conveying learning material effectively, mentorships can be a great way for a struggling teacher to develop new skills and techniques. Teachers with strong evaluations should be offered a financial incentive to mentor those who are struggling through basic observation and guidance. 

  • I believe the board has shown weakness in their ability to find solutions and problem solve. As an owner of a medical practice with 17,000 active patients, I understand the value of efficiency and accountability. My current doctorate curriculum has given me the ability to utilize a Lean Six Sigma method to encourage creativity, productivity, parent/teacher satisfaction while also reducing wasted time and unnecessary expenses. 

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