Reduce District Spending!

Over the past several years, district spending has gotten out of hand and district contacts desperately need a thorough audit.  

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Social Emotional Learning & Diversity and Inclusion spending by the district over the past 3 years.

PUSD NEA & ASBA spending .png

Annual membership fees for both the Arizona School Board Association (ASBA) and the National Education Association (NSBA). 

$36,455 seems a little much considering both organizations consider parents to be domestic terrorists. 

Raise Academic Standards 

A theme that seems to resonate throughout K thru 12 schools across the country is the lowering of academic standards in the name of equity. I believe in equal opportunity but I am strongly against equal outcomes! Life is not fair and it certainly is not for the weak. Rather than teaching students the necessary skills to thrive in our economy, PUSD is more focused on student identity, feelings and appearances. We need to stop underestimating our children and given them the opportunity to show what they are really capable of!

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Back to the Basics & Back to What Works 

         1. Curriculums have slowly morphed away from traditional learning models. History courses need to emphasize and prioritize a student's solid understanding of past events rather than the growing trend of comparing and contrasting to current events. History and civics classes are not a time to train future activists!

         2. I believe the district needs to prioritize the learning of phonics.  Currently the district focuses on the teaching of "sight words" rather than an emphasis on phonics. Sight words are intended to help speed up reading through the memorization of conjunctions. The English language cannot be memorized in it's entirety. When a child is unable to break down a word phonetically, they lack the skills to discover new words, hindering their ability to read outside of their comfort zone. 

My now 9 year old son was transferred out of a PUSD school going into 2nd grade.  By the end of his 2nd grade school year, his teacher informed me that he started the school year with only a third grade reading level but ended the year with a 6th grade reading level! I credit the acceleration of his reading ability to not only his amazing teacher but to phonics! 


         3. Reading needs to be about understanding content, not speed and accuracy. The district needs to move away from reading fluency and toward reading comprehension. The infinite amount of knowledge to be gained or a love of reading, does not evolve from one's speed or efficiency; it evolves and grows from the book itself. 

" She could read anything now, he said, and once you can read anything you can learn everything."
~Delia Owens